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Benefits of Mushrooms for Medicinal Purposes

One of the little known facts about many mushrooms is their protein content. Mushrooms can contain up to 40% protein by dry weight. This is good news to any vegetarians who are looking for a protein boost. It seems they keep finding more and more wrong with meat whether it is cholesterol or injected hormones. It is difficult to know the best way to get your protein. Mushrooms only have small amounts of lipids or fats in mushrooms and they also include many vitamins and minerals so they are a shining example of a health food. What's more is that they have 3 constituents that truly make mushrooms magical, no pun or connection to psilocybin intended. Lignans, polysaccharides and triterpenes are the 3 beneficial items that has all the scientists and integral medicine doctors in a frenzy. More and more studies are coming out showing amazingly beneficial effects from these 3 special components -being anti-inflammaatory and anticarcinogenic just for starters. Mushrooms help our bodies modulate their immune system. Using mushrooms and mushroom extracts, very possible treatment is listed in various articles for food allergies, dermatitis, inflammation, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, hyperglycemia, HIV, tuberculosis, septic shock and even cancer. So the question remaining is, why wouldn't you be taking a mushroom supplement? Any proactive realist would agree, to protect yourself from most any health threat, supplementing with medicinal mushrooms is a great way to start.